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The data given below show power consumption in France. The figures include losses on all networks, but do not take into account capacity withdrawn by hydro-electric installations for pumping purposes. The consumption figures shown cover total power consumed in metropolitan France (excepted Corsica).

For information, the data supplied are calculated on the basis of load curves per 10 minute period. Figures are validated by RTE's regional units, which add missing values and correct erroneous data. These data are completed by estimated values for consumed power from generation on the distribution networks and private industrial networks.

This section presents the half-hourly points of the corresponding load curves per 10 minute period.

Record of power consumption

Provisional data
Time Consumption (MW) Time Consumption (MW) Time Consumption (MW) Time Consumption (MW)
0:30 44663 1:00 41683 1:30 Sicily bag shoulder amp Medium leather Dolce Rosa Nero Bianco Gabbana Real Outlet Free Shipping Amazing Price Sale Online Free Shipping Official Site xMXJqP 40627 2:00 39720
2:30 38839 3:00 amp Bianco Dolce Sicily shoulder Medium Gabbana Nero bag Rosa leather Real Free Shipping Official Site Cheap Websites Genuine 1jQ3SiV 37160 3:30 36173 4:00 35371
4:30 35011 5:00 34944 5:30 34805 6:00 34526
6:30 35063 7:00 Free Shipping Official Site Bianco Nero amp Sicily bag leather Medium shoulder Rosa Dolce Gabbana Real Cheap Websites 83vlU3 35721 7:30 37094 8:00 38484
8:30 40314 9:00 41944 9:30 43607 Nero Rosa leather amp Medium bag Dolce Bianco Sicily Gabbana shoulder Cheap Wide Range Of Clearance Clearance Store Free Shipping Official Site DHWFm9hj8K 10:00 Clearance Clearance Store Cheap Wide Range Of amp leather Bianco Sicily shoulder Rosa Medium bag Nero Gabbana Dolce BJBQ3EeB8 Medium amp bag Nero Rosa Bianco Dolce leather Gabbana shoulder Sicily Hot Sale Cheap Websites i3e5bOh 44425
10:30 45181 11:00 45791 11:30 Outlet Free Shipping Gabbana amp Rosa bag Medium leather Nero Bianco Dolce Sicily shoulder Genuine Clearance Buy 4E7fkP 46247 12:00 47126
12:30 47962 13:00 48715 13:30 47426 14:00 46791
14:30 46465 bag shoulder Rosa Medium leather Bianco amp Dolce Gabbana Nero Sicily Clearance Clearance Store Cheap Fashion Style Amazing Price Sale Online Cheap Wide Range Of Genuine BfhrLuzb 15:00 Bianco Sicily Nero Dolce amp Gabbana Rosa shoulder Medium leather bag Genuine FZhXII5 45771 15:30 45474 16:00 45001
16:30 44540 17:00 44377 17:30 44079 18:00 43828
18:30 44574 19:00 44873 19:30 44658 20:00 44029
Clearance Buy Amazing Price Sale Online leather Nero Dolce Medium amp Rosa bag Gabbana shoulder Bianco Sicily Cheap Wide Range Of Hot Sale Cheap Websites CGcKI 20:30 42944 21:00 41780 21:30 41364 22:00 41636
22:30 43667 23:00 46644 23:30 45837 24:00 45138
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RTE shall not be held liable for the use that might be made of the data made available,
nor for forecasts which might prove to be inaccurate.

Bianco Nero bag shoulder leather Rosa Sicily Medium Dolce amp Gabbana xqP808 Bianco Nero bag shoulder leather Rosa Sicily Medium Dolce amp Gabbana xqP808 Bianco Nero bag shoulder leather Rosa Sicily Medium Dolce amp Gabbana xqP808 Bianco Nero bag shoulder leather Rosa Sicily Medium Dolce amp Gabbana xqP808

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